At Colony Builders, Inc., we have built a process to include the services of architects, engineers and interior designers to develop a partnership which allows us to meet each client’s specific needs while keeping cost efficiency a priority.

Thorough Project Review

The team at Colony Builders takes the time to thoroughly review documentation pertaining to your lease, the project building site and any additional items, requirements or regulations provided by the landlord.


Colony Builders will solicit bids and hire the architect. Once an architect has been chosen for the project, Colony Builders will work closely with the architect to create space plans including:

  • Engineering plans
  • Lighting fixtures and recessed lighting
  • Cabinet elevations and soffits
  • Use of cost efficient materials

Budgeting and Budget Management

Colony Builders understand the importance of budgeting. We will assist on working within your budget. Our budgeting and budget management process includes:

  • Developing an early budget based upon preliminary plans
  • Value Engineering (use of quality products at lower cost)
  • Provide optional finish levels
  • Final budget based upon final construction documents

Scheduling Your Project

We know the system and how things work together and can use this experience to expedite the process. When it comes to scheduling, our process includes:

  • Creating a critical path
  • Submitting for permits using best available method (CTAC, Express, etc)
  • Coordinating with outside vendors on critical dates
  • Managing key elements such as dental supply, x-ray, phone, data and more

A Team Approach
During all phases of our project, we work as a team and communicate as one:

  • Job Status reports
  • Thorough plan review
  • Walk through of the job at critical stages (ie: electrical rough/drywall)
  • Communicate budget and schedule changes and potential delays
  • Prompt pricing and approval of change orders
  • Foster teamwork (Client, Broker, Architect, Contractor, and Landlord)