Give Your Charlotte Dental or Medical Office an Upfit

Give Your Charlotte Dental and Medical Office an Upfit

One of the Best General Contractors in Charlotte for a Dental or Medical Office Upfit

If you are a medical or dental startup looking to build an office for your practice or if you have an existing office location and want to spruce it up for your patients, an expert who specializes in structural upfit is what you need.

There are many contractors in Charlotte, but there are only a few that have a proven track record of building medical and dental offices from the ground up or renovating comfortable modern offices. Since starting a medical or dental practice is not cheap, you will want to invest your money in a contractor that knows what they do and can help you with all your needs.

Colony Builders, Inc. is the top choice for medical professionals in Charlotte when it comes to renovating and building their offices. With 45 years of experience in building medical, dental and general office spaces, we will help you build your dream office so you can serve your patients with a unique experience. Learn more about how we can give you the best medical or dental office upfit in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Experienced Builder

Colony Builders, Inc. is a locally owned and operated general contractor that serves a long list of North and South Carolina businesses. We have extensive experience in the construction industry as we have been operating in Charlotte since 1974.

Our licensed staff will take the time to listen to your every need and work with you every step of the way so you will have a safe and beautiful office space where you can practice your profession with excitement. We will also advise you on the most cost-effective solutions so you will get the most out of your budget.

Not only do we design and build our clients’ offices but we establish a long-lasting relationship with them. Our licensed professionals will focus on your needs and we always make sure to provide a high level of service and workmanship.

Proven Designing and Building Process

With all the years that we have spent providing satisfaction to our clients, we have built a solid design and building process that works well whatever the clients’ needs are. We continuously build a partnership with various engineers, architects and designers to give you the best office that you can have while keeping the cost to a reasonable extent.

Our team will communicate with you in every phase of the project to ensure that everything is according to your preferences. We will provide you with detailed reports on the status of the project and alert you on possible schedule changes.


There is a reason why everyday our client list keeps growing. We focus on giving satisfaction to your every need. We help new medical and dental startups in Charlotte to have a kick start on their businesses and we also provide value to our repeat customers by helping their medical and dental offices expand.

Our Portfolio

If you want to see what we have done in the past, check out our portfolio to see the recent projects that we have handled.

We are a BBB-certified business and we are also members of the National Association of Home Builders and US Green Building Council. Choose us for your medical or dental upfit office needs in Charlotte and we will provide you with the best design and building process possible.

Contact us at 704-362-5005 and let us talk about your vision for your medical or dental office.